Admission to nursery and K.G. Classes is done in the month of January. Advance registration opens from 1st January. Prospectus can be bought from the school office. Admission will be given on first come first serve basis.

Admission age for Nursery is 2 Years 6 Months on as 1st April in the year of admission. The child shall be placed in lower / upper Nursery as per age and performance. Age for K.G. is 4+ Years. Admission will be based on test and number of seats available. Each section is limited to 30 Students.

Registration fee is 1100/- for every class. The fee structure varies from class to class. Please contact the office to enquire the fee structure according to the grade of your ward. The fee structure is determined according to the actual expenditure.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

In this fast running age of materialism and competition, the true meaning of education is diminishing. The modern students, in stead of practising moral values, are merely preparing themselves to give tough competition to their class-fellows. So, to realize the actual purpose of education GURSIKH ACADEMY, PATIALA came into existence to impart a unique blend of religious education and modern academics. Situated at a suitable distance from madding urban crowds and road traffics, the state-of-the-art building of the school & hostel offers a wonderfully conducive atmosphere for the teaching-learning process.

The school covers its own plot having 15,000 sq. yards area with modern designed building. The most modern architect has afforded spacious and ventilated class-rooms, large activity-rooms, laboratories for all science subjects as well as language laboratories with digital teaching aids.

Apart from A-class coaching in Mathematics, sciences and languages, the academy has high standard provisions for teaching the core of Sikhism. All the hostellers are trained to begin their day early morning at four with NITNEM of JAP JI SAHIB, JAAP SAHIB, TAVPARSAAD SAWAYE, CHAUPAI SAHIB & ANAND SAHIB, and to end the day with REHRAAS & KIRTAN SOHILA. Weekly sessions are held for the reading of whole Guru Granth Sahib with special emphasis on Sukhmani Sahib & other important verses.

All the education process in the Academy is conducted with a view to give model citizens to not only Mother India but also to the international community, who may give their best of the best services to expand harmony, contribute to the social and economic development when

they grow.